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Google Search Console Errors Find and Fix Them

Google Search Console Errors

Since the beginning of internet technology, publishers have been afflicted by Google Search Console Errors. 404 errors, damaged links, faulty requests, and many other website problems may all work together to limit your website’s traffic, income, and authority while hurting the user experience.

Luckily, many of these faults, particularly Google Search Console errors, are quickly resolved.

Google Search Console helps to discover, debug, and address any difficulties that Google may face when crawling and indexing your website in search results. It may also show you which web pages have been ranked high and which Google has opted to ignore.

Google search console error find and fix them

The comprehensive Google Search Console information provides insights into your website’s organic performance. As stated by Google, this is valuable data since it helps you evaluate your SEO strategies’ efficiency. That’s why this article provides an in-depth guide on identifying and fixing Google Search Console coverage issues. Continue reading to understand how to fix Google search console errors and use the index coverage report to troubleshoot issues and enhance your overall SEO strategy.

Understand Google’s Indexing Method

Your website needs to go through the following steps to appear on (SERPs):


Google needs to find your site before it can crawl and index it. The most popular method of discovering a website is to use its XML sitemap. Google may also discover websites via following on and off-site links, among other techniques.


Once Google finds your website, it is added to the crawling waiting list. During a crawl, Googlebot will collect metadata, title tags, alt tags, and other information for the index.


This is the final stage of the process, in which Googlebot strives to make sense of the data gathered during the crawling phase. In simple terms, the indexer will decide whether or not the information is relevant to a search query.

Google Search Console Errors

If Google’s crawler, Googlebot, comes across a search console crawl error and fails to recognize the content on the website, it will ultimately give up and proceed. This implies that your page will not be indexed, and searchers will not see your page, thereby impacting your search results.

Google search console error find and fix them

Here are a few examples:

Errors on the server (5xx)

There are several server problems; the most typical is that your server takes too long to react. When a Googlebot crawls a page, it waits for the server to load for a specific time. If the process gets lengthy, Googlebot will leave it, and the request will run out.

Because the bot cannot crawl the site, it will not be indexed.

Fixing A Server Error (5xx)

First, open the web browser and notice if you can access the page. If you can, there’s a high probability the problem has fixed itself, but you should double-check.

Email your IT staff or hosting provider to inquire whether the server has been down recently or if a setup prevents Googlebot and other bots from reaching the site.

Redirect Error

Google occasionally encounters redirect issues with URLs. This error might occur if you’ve redirected your URL several times. You may have accidentally formed a redirect loop if you’ve used redirects for a while. Redirects lead to more redirects and never go to a live URL.

If the redirects do not loop, the Googlebot may encounter excessive redirects in a row and quit.

How to  Google Search Console error due to redirects

You must determine the initial and end URLs to resolve a redirect problem. There are several SEO tools available to assist with this. Examine all your redirects and ensure there is just one redirect wherever feasible. Various Chrome Extensions are extremely good at identifying whether or not a page has been transferred, where it reroutes to, and the number of redirect hops that exist. This helps in identifying problems on a page-by-page basis.

Labelled ‘Noindex’

This is a common issue but also a straightforward one to resolve. You request Google to crawl a page but must realize or recall that the page includes a noindex tag. In other words, you’re sending Google a lot of mixed signals. You might also have indexed pages by mistake.

how to fix Google search console errors due to Nonindex

How to fix Google search console errors due to noindex

To repair a noindex URL, delete the noindex directive or the HTTP response. Review your robots.txt file, and HTTP replies to see which pages are set as an index. The problem will be resolved if you delete the tag.

404 Page Not Found Error

When Google tries to access a web page on an unavailable website, you will encounter a 404 Not Found message. It detects these issues if other websites or sites link to a page that does not exist.

How to fix Google search console errors due to 404 page not found

When facing 404 errors, you will have a few alternatives. It’s OK to let page 404 if it has no relation to your business. A 301 redirect may send people to a relevant page if you like. You may also verify your CMS to ensure that the page is not simply in the draft state but is published.

False Mobile Usability Ratings

This issue indicates that certain pages of your site aren’t working correctly with mobile devices. The site isn’t loading properly, it’s too sluggish, and it needs to be correctly framing information for smartphones and tablets.

Concentrate on providing outstanding content and making your site as mobile-friendly as feasible. Examine your site on your smartphone or tablet to determine the user experience.


Finally, the best defense is a good offence. You might take a few actions from now on to ensure you have never been tormented with GSC issues again.

What is the most effective approach to avoid GSC errors? Create unique content that adheres to Google’s guidelines. Make it useful. Genuinely beneficial. Spend more time answering questions, providing more value, creating better visuals, and implementing better SEO methods. If something is challenging or time-consuming, you can assume that many of your rivals need to do it.


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