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Life at [Silver Ant Marketing]

Building relationships is a must whether they are personal or professional. A healthy professional environment leads to employee productivity and growth. We understand this well and ensure an office environment that is friendly and positive. Personal development activities are our prime focus, therefore every now and then, we incorporate fun activities. Special events are celebrated to facilitate an amiable environment and reduce stress.    

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Sports Events

Sports events are held regularly. The employees are divided equally into different teams so that they mingle and know one another outside the office premises. These events result in a boost in employee morale and productivity.

Musical Night

We promote employee talent by arranging musical nights. Employees destress themselves as our musical nights cheer them up. Also, such activities give our employees a productivity boost. Organizing a musical night now and then refreshes the employees and that is what matters to us.

Musical Night
Birthday Parties

Events & Birthday Celebration

We believe in giving the best care to our employees. Their happiness is important to us, and that is why we make sure that their special days are celebrated. The Birthdays of all employees are celebrated fully making them feel special. Any other special event in their lives is also acknowledged and celebrated.

BBQ Night

BBQs and Bonfires are fun nights. In Winter, we arrange BBQ Nights, followed by Bon Fires and a musical evening. Such events brighten the spirits and make our employees delighted and refreshed.

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Employee Welcome Party

Employee Welcome Party

SAM family is becoming bigger day by day. We value all our employees, whether they are new or old. We welcome our employees by hosting a welcome party for them. We introduce them to the rest of the SAM members and ensure a healthy and cordial relationship.

SAM Football League

SAM has its own Football club. Our Football League matches are the most popular among our employees. Long working hours make employee life stressful. We continuously strive to make sure that our employees are not burnt out. Their wellness is our priority; therefore, the company conducts football matches to ensure employee productivity and fitness.  

Football Leage