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Dallas Designer Handbags (DDH) is one of the biggest fashion outlets across the United States. We helped them develop a solid SEO strategy that ranked their website among the top 5 of the first-page search rankings. We increased their Domain Authority and Page Authority by 2900%. Moreover, we also worked to increase their organic traffic by 452%, 83%, and 76% during the last 3 years. During the Covid-19 crisis, we executed result-oriented strategies to increase their revenue from the eCommerce store by 420%.

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Organic Traffic Increased


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Sell Your Bags is one of Silver Ant Marketing’s cherished clients. Winning across all channels, Sell your Bags, a platform where customers can sell their handbags, shoes, sunglasses, and other fashion items of reputed brands for cash in return, witnessed a commendable 524% increase in organic traffic with us. The business was able to bag 396% user sessions, which resulted in selling your bags finding 453% more leads and contact submissions for potential conversions.

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Our keyword advertising ensures that your existing & potential customers see your web pages through the sponsored ad links in their relevant search queries.

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Get in touch with us if you’re struggling to get results from PPC and want to find out why we’re the finest PPC agency for increasing your sales leads and income.

Our services will help you establish and publicize your brand in the appropriate context. Your return on investment will skyrocket when you hire us to develop pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns with laser-like precision that reach and engage ONLY qualified buyers.

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Experience design and intelligent marketing for growing brands.

We Offer Competitive [Rates] and Prompt Service!

We create niche-specific marketing that meets your budget. Our competitive packages guarantee to minimize customer acquisition costs, increase customer acquisition, and maximize ad expenditure! Our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is top-notch and affordable.

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It depends on Ad Rank. Every time Google serves an ad, it recalculates the ad ranks of the advertisers participating in the Auction and based on that, Google assigns the position. It might be possible that your ad served on top at some times of the day but not others. What possible solution you can do is to make sure you have optimal Quality Score, CTR and optimized landing page experience.
  • Budget: If your campaign’s daily budget is not enough to capture 100% of daily search volume, your ads are being limited by Google to stay within your ad budget. You can check this by looking at your campaign's lost impression share. If your campaigns are losing impressions due to budget, this is likely why you are not seeing your ad.
  • Ad Rank: If your keyword's ad rank is low, your ads will not show.
  • Bid Adjustments (Time of day/Day of week): If your campaigns are offline during certain days/hours, you will not see your ads during those times.
  • Bid Adjustments (Device): If you are searching on a mobile device, you may not see your ads due to bid adjustments that limit mobile traffic.
  • IP Exclusion: IP addresses can be excluded from search ads at the campaign level.
  • Running Ads in Single State: It might be possible that you are running Ads in a particular state and checking the ads by selecting the country. Select your location and then check the ads
  • Competition: Just like optimizing your keywords, you can bet that your competition is also. It might be possible that a new advertiser jumped into the market bidding higher than you. An increase in aggressiveness from just one of your competitors could result in significantly higher CPCs.
  • Quality Score: A lower score can lead to substantially higher click costs. While many factors are considered when calculating the quality score, the significant factors are CTR, ad relevance, and landing page relevance so make sure you are putting effort into improving all of them.

Many big brands run ads on branded keywords despite having the #1 organic position. Why are they wasting their money on this? When do they also have the #1 organic position?

They are intelligent advertisers!Yes, indeed!

They know their competitor will steal their traffic. Competitors will likely start bidding on your branded keywords and get a position above your organic result. Bidding on your name can be used as a defensive strategy to prevent this from happening.

Google AdWords is the best & biggest example of this. Google is running ads for Google AdWords to retain the top position.

When collaborating with a PPC agency, you should look for a fine mix of quality and affordability. That’s why Silver Ant Marketing provides you with its best PPC Management Services. With over 150+ satisfied clients across Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific, we have assisted numerous online businesses to improve their CTR and achieve optimal conversions and ROI.

With PPC Services, our goal is to reduce Cost/Conversion, maintain CPC, boost CTR, and achieve Optimal conversions and ROI for our clients.

Our PPC Pricing plans start from $599 per month. Other than the regular subscription charges, a one-time setup fee of $499 will be charged only with the first subscription. Afterwards, 15% of the Total Ads’ Spent will be charged with a second subscription onward.

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SEO Company Clients Testimonials
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Take Charge of Your Brand's Future with Pay-Per-Click Marketing

According to a recent study, pay-per-click (PPC) ad visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic link visitors. This is because over 75% of individuals think PPC advertising simplifies finding what they’re looking for online.

You’re losing out on conversion possibilities and rapid exposure on digital marketing platforms if you don’t have a solid paid search marketing plan. Stay ahead of the curve in digital marketing.