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15 Local Marketing Strategies That Work in 2024

Local Marketing

Local company owners are aware of the importance of internet marketing. Sadly, a lot of businesses fail to continue growing in the local market because they can’t stay consistent or run out of ideas. The good news is that pay-per-click, content, social media advertising, search engine optimization, and more are all beautifully combined in great localized digital marketing, and with trends that are always shifting, there’s always room for innovation. This article will explore the top 15 local marketing strategies that are most likely to be effective for your brand’s local marketing in 2024.

Sales and marketing teams will be operating in a constantly changing environment as 2024 approaches. The pandemic and other significant events have significantly altered consumer expectations and behaviour during the previous several years. In order to maintain a competitive edge in the current local store marketing, companies and brands need to modify their approaches to provide smooth Omni channel experiences, foster trust via openness, strategically use data and automation, and much more.
Local Marketing Strategies

Here are some local marketing ideas for small business to think about applying in 2024 based on the trends we saw in 2023. Let’s delve into the creative local marketing ideas.

Use Video on Social Media

Over the last year, there have been significant changes to the social media scene. In 2024, videos will still be the most popular material on social media because of the dominance of TikTok and Instagram Reels. A whopping 72% of consumers said that they would like to watch a video to learn about a product or service.

Try going one step further and including interactive components in your sales and marketing videos to boost your local online marketing. With the capacity to interact with the video itself, interactive videos are a new kind of material that provides a unique user experience. Because interactive video material allows users to choose what information they want to watch, 43% of customers prefer it to other forms of video content.

Update Your Website

Frequently, your website serves as the first point of contact between your company and prospective clients. Customers establish an opinion about your website in.05 seconds. Conversion rates and growth might be adversely affected by an old-fashioned, sluggish, or inefficient website. Redesigning or modernizing your website needs to be your top goal in 2024 for this reason.

Regular website upgrades are essential for delivering the optimal user experience since best practices and trends in website design are always changing in the local online marketing. Analyze your website’s metrics first. Are users leaving on a certain page? Is there a latency in mobile conversion? Do search engines not rank crucial pages?

Try Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a new digital strategy technique to take into consideration in 2024. ABM is a targeted, strategic marketing approach that involves direct marketing to important corporate accounts. Account-based marketing (ABM) methods are already gaining traction with 94% of B2B marketers.

Market Towards Generation Z

In today’s economy, Generation Z is swiftly rising to the top of the influence scale in local marketing strategies. According to predictions, Generation Z, which today accounts for 40% of all customers, will make up 27% of the workforce by 2025. They are also the biggest, most demographically varied, most technologically reliant generation.

This generation is altering the digital experience and resetting corporate expectations since they have really never known a world without wireless technology or the internet.

Take Advantage of Paid Media

The rapid transition to digital has increased the importance of paid media in terms of audience reach and engagement. Given that customers are spending more time online, marketers have to make use of sponsored advertisements on social media, search, and display networks.

To determine what best aligns with your objectives and ambitions, carefully try out various forms and locations. Spend your money on platforms that are functioning well while focusing on important metrics like conversion rate and cost per click. Digital paid media’s accuracy makes audience segmentation and customization possible.

Try New Marketing Tools

To help you organize and maximize your localized digital marketing and sales activities, consider using a variety of marketing tools in your local online marketing. CRM, CMS, marketing automation software, analytics and reporting software, and SEO optimization software are a few platforms to think about using in 2024.

Show Approximate Distance from Your Store

Compared to national chains, small businesses have an advantage since they are unable to provide hyper-local advertisements on a large scale for every location. This is one of the best local marketing ideas for small businesses. The following advice can assist your local business’s mobile ad text in effectively producing leads:

Utilize Google Search Console to identify potential new ad groups based on search impression drivers.

See whether the headline of the advertisement has your Zip Code.

  • Discuss how far it is to your place.
  • Make callouts and extensions localized.


Test Store-Front Images in Your Display and Retargeting Ads

If your local company depends heavily on foot traffic, you should start establishing a link between your online and offline presence. This is one of the best local marketing ideas for small businesses. In order for customers to think, “Hey, I’ve seen that place before,” when driving or strolling by your site, you want your advertising to stick out. Even if appealing content like “Swing by Today” is essential, nothing unifies the virtual and real worlds like a picture of your actual place.

Optimize your Google Business Profile

Selecting a category is crucial for any listing, but it’s particularly crucial for your Google Business Profile in terms of local marketing. It’s also one of many adjustments you have to carry out to raise your Google listing’s effectiveness. Google ranks Business Profiles based on their overall quality and relevance to the search query, much as it does for advertising and web pages. This implies that you rank better in local search, appear for more search phrases, differentiate yourself from rivals, and potentially attract more clients by boosting your business profile. Make sure you have a Google My Business account so you can access and edit the information in your listing in order to maximize your Google Business Profile. Your Business Profile will then be filled up with all of the eye-catching data you provide on your account dashboard, which will increase.

Monitor and Maintain Your Directory Listings

You can unwind after setting up your directory listings. Not exactly, however. You must update your listing if your firm changes in any way, even if it’s only the room number. People won’t be able to interact with your company and can even lose faith in it if they find false or outdated information about it. It’s crucial to keep an eye on your listings and reply to client reviews and comments. To make sure your listing is correct, it’s a good idea to Google your company now and again.

Encourage Reviews

Potential clients will utilize reviews and testimonials in addition to visiting your website and getting in touch with you to find out more about your company. Customers are likely to choose a rival with reviews if your company appears in a directory without any. Asking clients to provide positive online reviews for these directories and making it simple for them to do so can help you maximize your local internet marketing.

Create Service Area Hubs and Individual Location Pages To Boost Rankings

You should have a different service page for every one of the main communities you cover if your company provides services. Each page will have an opportunity to rank naturally for search queries like [your service] in [your location] if you adapt it for the attributes, services, and characteristics unique to that place.

Furthermore, as seen in the example below, including location-based sites in your top navigation may help your internal linking structure, which Google loves and can help your rank. Additionally, it makes it easier for consumers to locate the place that most suits their needs.

Promote Your Latest Customer Reviews on Facebook

This is an interesting statistic from a Bright Local customer survey: Nowadays, 92% of shoppers check internet reviews. It is previously known that our clients like reading reviews. The secret is to increase the accessibility of these client evaluations, and one excellent approach to do this is by using them in your advertising. You may showcase your excellent local reputation and rapidly increase brand recognition by using Facebook advertising.

Run A Contest or Giveaway

Many things could change, but one thing never changes: people are always up for free goods! Thus, holding a contest or giving away free stuff is a terrific approach to draw in locals to your establishment. Social media, email, your website, the neighbourhood newspaper, or even a local radio station might all be used to market it. You could even need in-store pickup or redemption to get customers in. One such model to use is this one: “Today, the first [number] customers who stop by will receive a free [product or service]!”

Use Location Based Keywords

Using social media to generate talk about your company is a terrific idea for local marketing. When publishing, employ a location-based keyword to attract nearby consumers. Adding a location tag to your company on Facebook or Instagram helps local consumers locate it more easily.

Using hashtags in addition to location-based keywords on social media is a simple strategy to draw in more local clients. While utilized properly, social media accounts allow you to interact with local consumers and increase the likelihood that people will find your company while they are surfing the internet. Make use of hashtags specific to your town, state, or city. This will increase the likelihood that people searching and utilizing local hashtags will discover your company.


By 2024, the best local marketing strategies will integrate digital strategies based on data with in-person community involvement. Other strategies to increase awareness and loyalty include networking, sponsorships, and local event participation, in addition to focusing on your web presence and local SEO. Businesses that can successfully combine digital convenience with meaningful in-person consumer experiences will be rewarded in the future of integrated localized digital marketing services.

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