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Seo Tools For Auditing WordPress Website

Auditing WordPress Website

Auditing your WordPress website for search engine ranking is a continuous activity that can sometimes be intimidating Every time you improve your site, Google releases a new algorithm, leaving you with decreased organic traffic and lost keyword positioning. So, what should a marketer do? After all, Google doesn’t pass away the playbook for its all-powerful algorithm. Fortunately, the best tools for SEO audit are available to assist you in auditing and monitoring your website, depending on how search engines like Google view it. These tools will assist you in completing four necessary steps toward an optimized website.

Four Crucial Steps to an Organically Optimized Website


Conducting an SEO audit enables you to comprehend your website’s strengths and problems, as seen by search engines. Best SEO audit tools will scan each page on your site and present you with practical optimization advice.


An audit will assist you in comprehending your site from a technical SEO standpoint, but SEO success is more than just correcting technical flaws. The research process is equally crucial since it will assist you in identifying focus keywords by providing you with a thorough overview of the competitive organic environment.


The next stage is implementing these adjustments after receiving actionable suggestions from an SEO audit. Several marketers bypass the audit process and go into website optimization. This will be a very intimidating strategy to adopt, no matter the size of your website.


Following the implementation of your improvements, you should continually check your website for any red lights. You can determine when a new audit is necessary through effective monitoring, allowing you to restart the three-step cycle.

Seo tools for auditing WordPress website

To make it happen, you’ll need the best tools for SEO audit. Here is the ultimate list.

Best Tools for SEO Audit 

The following are the best tools for SEO audit that can be a master stock for you.

Seo tools for auditing WordPress website

The Google webmaster tool

It is really what you require to be noticed on Google. There are better approaches to seeing what Google thinks of you than using its tool. The application offers free tools for SEO audit that helps you to monitor, rectify problems, troubleshoot, and guarantee your website shines in Google search results. Get accurate information about how Google perceives you and address any issues affecting your ranking.


Ahrefs is a top SEO tool for audit websites that will examine your site, research keywords for you, do a site audit, watch your rank, and analyze your content. They provide an inside look at your website’s functioning to identify any issues hindering your site from ranking effectively in search engines. The Site Audit tool assists in the atomization of your site. It can perform the following function.

  • Site Explorer may help you analyze your competition.
  • Keywords Explorer investigates what your clients are looking for.
  • Content Explorer provides insights on the top-performing content in your sector.
  • Rank Tracker assists you in tracking your progress.
  • You can have access to thousands of backlinks, millions of keywords, and material by employing Ahrefs.

Site Bulb

Sitebulb was designed in such a way that site audits are more comprehensive. You may receive prioritized tips, audit scores, adjustable pdf reports, an evergreen Googlebot Crawler, audit comparisons, data visualization, URL explorations, and crawl large websites by utilizing Sitebulb’s audit tool.

Prioritized tips assist you in identifying any errors, such as invalid components, that may impact your ranking owing to missing tags. The audit score provides a brief report regarding your SEO score.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google. The application was created to measure and report website traffic. This application lets you track your website while moving from and from a single location. The program will also assist you in identifying broken websites and incorrect URLs. All you need to know is where to go. Every resource is easily assessable.


SpyFU also offers SEO audit tools for agencies. It comes with a slew of digital marketing tools, including keyword research, backlink tracking, competition research, PPC research, rank tracking, and so on. SpyFu, on the other hand, integrates numerous technologies to deliver insights into your SEO effort. Its SEO Keyword Research tool, for example, indicates problematic phrases that should be avoided, while competitor research identifies possible problems in other comparable websites.


SEO PowerSuite provides the best free tools for SEO audits and a wide range of website auditing solutions. With this SEO software, you connect directly to keyword research tools, backlink checkers, PPC optimization ideas, rival rank tracking, social media metrics tracking, and more.

The program can also assist you in conducting automatic technical website audits. If you’re searching for SEO site auditing solutions that are simple to set up and customize, SEO PowerSuite is an excellent choice. You may begin utilizing its toolset for website audits in moments and automate every SEO tool to receive frequent updates on your site’s performance.


GrowthBar is practical and cost-effective, with the best tools for SEO audit for marketing groups, business owners, and independent contractors. It drives business growth, boosts search engine ranks, and enhances conversions. It functions as a Google Chrome plugin and gives customers data and insights to manage successful organic, paid, and social media marketing activities.


The marketing search engine from Majestic provides reliable, up-to-date information to media analysts, SEO companies, website developers, and marketing businesses. Users may use Majestic to analyze their and their competitors’ website performance. It also raises awareness of how well their websites perform in terms of backlinks.

Similar Web pro

An acclaimed BI solution, SimilarWeb Pro is known for its web measuring and online intelligence features.

Users may monitor traffic data for any of their websites utilizing SimilarWeb Pro’s website analysis services, which employ the most extensive worldwide internet panel. As a result, visitors may simultaneously examine other sites’ website traffic and traffic acquisition strategies. In general, SimilarWeb assists users in assessing the state of their company and making wiser decisions.


SEOprofile is a cloud-based technology that has the best tools for SEO audits. It assists websites in rising to the top of search engine results in pages. According to its users, they can increase traffic and client numbers.

Websites can follow search engine rules for SEO, according to SEOprofiler. It provides various tools, including URL trackers, link builders, keyword ideas, and more, to help organizations achieve their objectives.

HubSpot Marketing tool

To help you establish authority throughout your website, HubSpot’s Marketing Hub offers the Best SEO software tool. You will always have a chance to improve your articles for conversion and traffic because this software is connected with HubSpot landing pages, websites, and blog posts.


Your SEO can be analyzed and audited to help you determine what is and is not practical for you. You should only require the best tools for SEO audit on our list for your SEO campaigns. Some are specialist platforms for particular auditing aspects of a website, while others are comprehensive solutions with user-friendly features.

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